Tahiti – Moorea – Bora Bora – island names that evoke a wonderful state of mind, seducing honeymooners, romantics, adventurers, and vacationers looking for escape.Tahiti covers over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and consists of 118 islands.
The modern Tahitians maintain their heritage and traditions of their Maohi ancestors. Oral history recounts the adventures of gods and warriors in colorful legends where javelin throwing was the sport of the gods, surf riding was favored by the kings, stone lifting as a show of pure strength. The Tahitian culture is rich in the islands, welcoming visitors from all over the world.
Tahiti offers the greatest range in lodging options out of all the islands including a range of large to medium sized lagoon-side luxury resorts and simpler downtown hotels. Most properties are a short taxi or coach ride away from both the airport and the cruise ship and ferry docks.
Acitivies in Tahiti are endless, starting for relaxing, spas, and swimming at resorts and hotels. Some of the famous sites and activities are museums, shopping, island tours, park/gardens such as Bougainville Park, Botanical Garden, Point Venus, safari, hiking/nature tours, diving, horseback riding, and surfing.