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The Marbled Cone Snail got its name by its ice-cream cone shaped shell. Their shells can be found in almost every color and with many patterns. The Marbled Cone Snail can be up to six inches in lenght and 7.47g in weight. Although the Marbled Cone Snail is small, it is very dangerous. They catch prey in a very unique way. They shoot out a toxic harpoon at the prey and reel them in. The is so toxic that one drop of the venom can kill 20 people.


The Marbled Cone Sail can be found in many diffrent parts of the world. They can be spread over Australia, The Caribbean, The Pacific, Red Sea, and the coast of Florida. If you are ever around these areas and get stinnged by a Marbled Cone Snail you will feel the intense pain, tingling, numbness and swelling. It can affect your vision, hearing, and speech. There is no reason to be scared because only 30 people have ever died of Marbled Cone Snails.